RCNi Learning for Healthcare organisations

Support your nurses in improving patient outcomes

Academic Institution

RCNi Learning is accredited by Royal College of Nursing for both module content and functionality. This means it has been subjected to a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure it meets RCN's standards of excellence and has been deemed to promote best practice, provide effective education outcomes and improve patient care.

Royal College of Nursing

RCNi Learning is an interactive, online education resource for nurses, designed to enhance their skills and help meet their personal CPD requirements for revalidation. It consists of over 200 interactive learning modules covering 43 specialties. All content is evidence based and peer-reviewed by industry experts to ensure it promotes best practice and is up-to-date.

RCNi Learning will:

Help you support the CPD needs of your staff
RCNi Learning is an ideal resource for organisations looking to help their staff meet their personal CPD requirements for revalidation. Each module takes around an hour to complete and there are currently 213 modules to choose from, so your staff will be spoilt for choice. All modules are RCN accredited and will generate a certificate once completed, which your staff can easily print off or save to their portfolio.

Enable your nurses to deliver the best possible care and improve patient outcomes

RCNi Learning is designed to enhance your staff’s clinical and non-clinical skills and knowledge. It will help them stay up to date and reinforce best practice, therefore enabling them to give better care to their patients.

Improve patient safety
Research has shown a better trained workforce is likely to lead to lower patient mortality rates and fewer adverse patient outcomes. Giving your workforce access to RCNi Learning will mean safer patients.

Improve patient satisfaction scores
The knowledge gained using RCNi Learning will help your nursing staff meet the needs of their patients better. In addition to an array of clinical skills, RCNi Learning covers many non-clinical skill such as communication, which can also make a big difference to a patient’s experience. Happier, healthier patients means better patient satisfaction scores.

Help you recruit and retain nursing staff
RCNi Learning will be a great benefit for your current and new employees. It will help them with revalidation, not to mention reduce the cost of what they need to spend on their CPD in order to meet the requirements. And in the long run this will save you money, by helping lower employee turnover and reduce recruitment costs.

Enable you to identify skill gaps within your team
You will be able to view your staff’s test scores for all modules they’ve completed, which will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as any skill gaps within the team. Knowing where further training is needed will ultimately lead to having a better skilled team and improved patient care.

Integrate seamlessly with RCNi Portfolio
RCNi Learning integrates with RCNi Portfolio - our easy to use online tool for storing and tracking revalidation evidence. Built specifically in line with NMC's guidelines, it will enable your staff to store evidence of CPD, reflective accounts, practice hours and professional indemnity in one easy to manage online area. The certificates from all completed RCNi Learning modules can be saved directly into RCNi Portfolio. For more information on RCNi Portfolio, click here.

In addition to all that, your organisation will have access to:

Simple-to-use user management and reporting
You will be able to easily add, delete or edit the details of your users. In addition to that you will be able to track the number of active users, the number of users that have completed each learning module, and the number of completed or underway learning modules by user as well as their scores.

Training and Support
We offer lots of resources to help you get started and make the most of RCNi Learning at your organisation. This includes how to guides, videos, FAQ’s and posters.

If you or one of your nurses needs additional help or experience any issues, our dedicated customer services team will be delighted to help.