RCNi Learning for academic institutions

Help your students bridge the gap between theory
and practice

Academic Institution

RCNi Learning is accredited by Royal College of Nursing for both module content and functionality. This means it has been subjected to a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure it meets RCN's standards of excellence and has been deemed to promote best practice, provide effective education outcomes and improve patient care.

Royal College of Nursing

RCNi Learning is an interactive online learning resource designed to help nursing students prepare for clinical practice. It consists of 198 high quality interactive learning modules covering over 40 specialties. All content is evidence based and peer-reviewed by industry experts to ensure it promotes best practice and is up-to-date.

RCNi Learning will:

Help prepare your students for 'real-world nursing'

It is well documented that clinical experience is one of the most anxiety-producing components of the nursing course for students, due to the theory-practice gap. RCNi Learning modules will help you build the student's confidence and competence when going into a practice setting.

Supplement core curriculum learning and reinforce best practice

RCNi Learning will complement the traditional teaching methods by helping students deepen the understanding of many of the topics covered in classroom. The evidence-based content is presented in a highly engaging, interactive and accessible format that fosters learning. The reference section provides direct links to texts in MEDLINE for further self-directed learning.

Improve exam results

Greater comprehension of the subject leads to better results. RCNi Learning module structure will help your nursing students understand difficult concepts and absorb concepts and absorb information in bite-sized chunks. The test part of each module provides rationales for why any answer is right or wrong, which will help students reinforce learning. Supplementary information provided in case studies, the glossary and acronym sections, will further develop understanding and aid retention.

Increase student satisfaction and engagement

Using an e-learning platform can be a powerful too for faculty seeking to engage their students with the subject. Designed with the end user in mind, RCNi Learning is a highly interactive ad enjoyable experience for students, allowing them to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. It's very simple and intuitive to use and has lots of great features including an app, a pre-test and post-test, images, podcasts and 'how to' videos. Providing your students with access to RCNi Learning is likely to lead to increased student satisfaction and thus improved National Student Survey results.

In addition to that, your institution will have access to:

Simple-to-use user management and reporting

You can add, delete or edit the details of your users. In addition to that you will be able to track the number of active users, the number of users that have completed each learning module, and the number of completed or underway learning modules by user as well as their scores.

Training and Support

We offer you lots of resources to help you get started and make the most of the RCNi Learning at your situation. This includes how to guides, videos, FAQ's and posters.

If you or one of your students needs additional help or experience any issues, our dedicated customer services team will be delighted to help.